Fame & Fortune Entertainment is a professional family of music related services, 
now serving Nashville and the greater Los Angeles area.


        Songwriter services:​​
  • Professionally Recorded Demo's
  • Song Critiques
  • Co-Writing Services
  • Song Publishing: Pitchin Hits Music BMI

        Professional Independent Production:
  • Demo's and Masters.
  • Independent Record Promotion.                                                               
        Independent Record Label:
  • Fame & Fortune Records
  • Career Consulting and Artist Development


Country Music Video of the Year..and Inspirational Song of the Year 
She Don't Even Know My Name
​Dell Robbins

New Discovery Artist-Mainstream
Sharon Driscoll

Country Impact Artist
B.B. Secrist

Producer and Label of the Year
Jim Cartwright

I want to thank my team of players & singers. We couldn't have done this without you. Y'all are the best In the Biz...!!!
THANK YOU to all of the folks out there who voted for our artists to help us have an outstanding year. It's greatly appreciated!!!

Jim Cartwright

The Reality Of The Music Business Today​​

The world seems to be changing at a rapid pace daily and the Music Industry is no different. As it is with the world, some changes are for the good and others are not. The business climate and the economy have been in turmoil for the past several years now and the one constant in hard economic times Is music and entertainment.

The Music Industry, as a whole, has begun to operate in ways that resemble the patterns of the late 50's-60's and early 70's. Back then, there used to be a lot of smaller Indie labels that the Majors would swallow up for fear of competition and the 45 RPM records you'd purchase in record stores & dime stores cost 99 cents. It was much easier back then to get noticed and signed. The Internet has taken the Music Industry back in time, so to speak, while changing the way of doing 'business as usual.' It has leveled the 'playing field' for music companies,  as Indie labels have again sprung up making it much easier for artists, bands and songwriters to showcase their wares. The Majors are slowly going away and it's becoming a whole new stage out there for those in hopes of 'making It'..!! What has remained the same in the music business is 'HFD' (Heartache-Frustration-Disappointment). There are no guarantees you'll be a 'success' in the business. You must be open to criticism, rejection and lots of 'door slamming.' You must remember it's a lot of hard work. You must live by the Three P's: Patience, Persistence and Perseverance. You must also be willing to invest in your own career if you have any hopes of climbing that 'ladder to success.'

Artists and bands need professional production of their work. Songwriters need professional demos in order to compete in getting their songs heard (let alone cut). Shoddy work is 'professional suicide.' Remember, if you use common sense and intelligence in this business, and stay true to the music, you'll never go wrong. Maybe we can help you with your next recording project, demo your next batch of songs or publish that 'next hopeful hit'..?!!
  Remember, you can choose to go in a Volkswagen or a Cadillac. You're competing against Lamborghini's.     

 The truth is, making good music professionally is the bottom line. You only get one chance at a 'First impression'.
                                                  THINK ABOUT IT...!!!                                              
                                                        Jim Cartwright                                                      
                                CEO / Producer                             
      Fame & Fortune Entertainment