Jim Cartwright: CEO/Producer/Recording Artist/Entertainer

Jim Cartwright has been in the music business as an Entertainer, Recording Artist, Record Producer, Publisher and Record Label for over 40 years.

Tulsa born international recording artist and producer chose a career in music over a pitching career in baseball. He knew from the age of 5 that this would be the path he would choose and he stepped from the baseball diamond straight to the stage becoming one of the first Elvis Tribute Artists (ETA's).

Jim was honing his show on the stages of dives and clubs and theaters which eventually led him to the bright lights of Vegas and the casinos just down the famous strip from where his Idol was performing...and that in turn would lead to sold out performances around the globe and back.  While still doing the tribute Jim and his manager began making trips to Music City, to make contacts and meet with record executives and befriended a Nashville producer and former major label artist Johnny Dollar. 

This Nashville connection proved to be the thing that Jim was wanting to try and get away from the tribute and it was good for Dollar as well from the stand point that he had found the artist he wanted to launch and also Jim proved to be the person Dollar was mentoring to take over his business because Dollar had found out he had cancer and it was spreading fast. Not too long after Dollar ask Jim to put his own career on the back burner to help other artists and writers find their way in the business...Dollar succumbed to cancer.

In the interim of learning Dollars business while still performing...Jim found time to attend Full Sail University and earned a degree in Recording/Engineering. 

Cartwright spent over 35 years being mentored by four legends in the music industry. Producer Johnny Dollar... Producer and writer Scotty Turner...Producer and Record Executive Harold Shedd...and the First Lady of Gospel Music, Martha Carson, all the while continuing his music education by seat of his pants as an artist and record producer. Jim has owned and operated his production company Fame & Fortune Entertainment and Records in his hometown over 40 years ago, but because of Dollars request, the company found its perment home in Nashville. 

Now Jim has decided to branch out and open an office in the Huntington Beach, CA area in 2018. 

Jim's tenur e has reach 47 years in the music buisness and Jim states that "he is forever indebted to those four "Legends" who are like family to him and he is forever grateful to each of them for sharing their knowledge, wisdom and friendship with him.
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