Sharon Driscoll was born In San Diego Ca. and began singing In church at age eleven.
Her first musical Influences were Elvis, and Olivia Newton John. She would spend
hours In her room recording herself singin songs she would make up or had learned.

At age 14 she wrote her first poem about being adopted, and would end up writing
many more about her life's pain and hardships and life experiences.She sang a song In church at age 14 that was prophesied over; calling her to sing for the Lord; for which he woiuld use her voice In bringing people to him. She then realized the kind of Impact her voice had to evoke emotions In the lives of people.

At age 16 she met her birth father who Introduced her to Country Music and they
became a trio and began touring working In many venues up and down both coasts.
With this she was Influenced by Patsy Cline, Crystal Gayle, Tanya Tucker and the

She self taught herself to sing with more power and richness listening to these varied
styles. These singers were among some of Rocks greatest voices.
In 1981 she moved back to the SanDiego area and began singing In a duo.
In 1991 she relocated to Nashville In order to take the music business more seriously. She auditioned for the lead female singer for a show "Legends of Country Music" that was taken to the Blak Hills of South Dakota. After the show ran It's course she started singing on a live syndicated national radio show "Live At Libby's.

She recorded a 4 song CD of 2 cover tunes and 2 originals but that was to no avail.
She began taking modeling and voiceover classes to help expand herself as an artist.
In 2000 she auditionedfor and got the part In a Broadway style Improv musical where the audience decided the topic of the show.

In 2001 she performed as a duo with a Nashville pianist, singing classics from the
40's, 60's, 70's, and 80's. It was this music she discovered the diversity of her voice
for a more rich , bluesy, sultry, torchy sound where she discovered her comfort zone

In 2002, she relocated to Florida performing again In a duo called "Diversity".

In 2011, she began performing yet In another duo In the Sarasota area and continues
her musical aspiration there today.

Strong Enough To Cry

Awards and Charts

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When Sharon moved to Nashville In 1991 she met peroducer Jim Cartwright and they
became steadfast friends, and she was able to learn much about the music business.
Sharon however missed the opportunity of working with Jim while there, but In the
summer of 2017 they reconnected and started communicating about her music.
Jim decided It was time the world hear what he already knew of the voice and talent
of Sharon Driscoll.

So Sharon made the trek to Nashville In July of '17 to have Jim produce a 3 song EP
on her. Sharon states: With Jim's professionalism, and attention to detail, while providing "Top of the Line" musicians, and background singers and studio, he produced 3 amazing songs on me.

I would highly recommend Jim Cartwright / Fame & Fortune Entertainment to anyone
looking for a producer on the level of quality and professionalism that sets him apart from so many others. He can take an artist to their fullest potential and talent, and the ability to pull the best sound from the artist.

I'm looking forward to working with him In the future, and continue to get his
guidance down the best path with my music In the mainstream genre, and hopefully Christian Music.

Thanks so much Jim for everything you've done and continue doing...!!

Sharon Driscoll